Project Description

Aircraft Test Support Facility

The award includes the construction of a 39,271 square feet Inspection and Test Hangar with foundation and floor slab, structural framing including high bay with ventilation fans, air compressor, 400 Hz aircraft power systems, insulated walls and roof, motorized hangar doors and tracks, fire detection and suppression, roof access ladder system, overhead access catwalk, tug pull through, and all necessary support. Hangar will also include administrative/work shop areas, emergency shower and eyewash stations, bathroom/locker areas with showers, and all necessary support. Air conditioning: 4 tons. Construct roadway and vehicle parking, tug roadway, associated site improvements, utilities, communications, generator and realignment of existing supporting facilities as required. Project includes construction of airfield pavements including hangar access apron, connecting taxiway, shoulders, overruns, clearing, excavation, airfield markings, demolition, storm water retention, storm drainage, lighting/ductbank, and all other necessary support to integrate new pavements into existing airfield pavements to include repairs to existing as necessary. Construction phasing is required.

Project Details


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District for the U.S. Air Force


Arnold Air Force Base, Tullahoma, Tennessee



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