Project Description

Design-Bid-Build, IB Barracks Renovation at Naval Station


Southeast Cherokee Awarded MACC Seed Project Station Norfolk, Virginia

The work includes the following:  Interior room renovations including upgrading finishes, providing electronic locks, replacing carpet, upgrading unit service area casework to provide apartment size refrigerator, upgrading vanity areas, and refinishing and painting walls and ceilings. Laundry areas renovations. Repair to code the building electrical system, including repairing building electrical system to comply with current codes, replacing interior lighting, and repairing parking lot and exterior building lighting. Repair exterior of the facility, including gutters and downspouts, and prepare and paint building’s damaged painted surfaces.  Repair building HVAC systems, including replacing chiller, boiler, heating and chilled water system pumps, DDC controls, baseboard heaters serving stairwells, exhaust fans, and cleaning the coils and fan sections of each air handling unit. Repair building elevators to comply with current code. Repair building fire protection system, including replacing fire alarm system and fire extinguishers and cabinets. Repair building plumbing systems, including replacing domestic hot water heaters, hot water recirculation pumps, replacing domestic water duplex booster pump set, and replacing toilets, sinks, and fixtures. Exterior site improvements include repairing landscaping by providing Low Impact Development (LID) features and functional landscape plan adhering to the Naval Station Norfolk Installation Appearance Plan as well as incidental civil work.


Project Details


Department of the Navy (NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic)



Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia





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