Project Description

P-576 Known Distance Range Tower

This project installs a pre-fabricated seven story tower, 600 SF footprint, training tower on the Known Distance rifle range at NAS Oceana, Dam Neck Annex. Work includes all site work and foundation requirements, range control office on the first floor and helicopter facade on the roof.

This project constructs a precast concrete or a cast in place concrete seven-story shooting training tower on the Known Distance rifle range at NAS Oceana, Dam Neck Annex. This facility will provide high angle shooting from multiple elevations in support of shooting training at Naval Special Warfare Development

Group (NSWDG). Facility total square footage shall not exceed 4096 square feet. The seven-story tower consists of two first floor storage rooms. Storage rooms provide storage and charging space for range targets and equipment. Storage rooms shall be heated and air-conditioned. The second floor is a range control room. Control room personnel provide monitoring during multiple scenario exercises and maintain safety during trainings. Control room shall be equipped with audio visual monitoring equipment. Floors 3 through 7 are shooting training floors. These floors provide marksmen five levels of operational training. The roof is also a shooting training floor.  Provide permanent fall protection and rappelling anchorage systems to concrete throughout the building for safety. Fall protection and rappelling accessories associated with fall protection and rappelling system shall be removable except for fall protection and rappelling anchorage points. This project will also demolish and dispose of an existing shooting tower.

Project Details


NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic


Naval Air Station, Oceana, Dam Neck Annex, Virginia Beach, VA



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