Project Description

Repair Small Arms Training Range, B-1007

This project is a repair and construction project to bring the existing Small Arms Range, B-1007, at Dobbins ARB up to the current Air Force standards for ranges. The original structure, built in 1996, has not been improved since it was built and has deteriorated due to exposure to weather and heavy use. The existing building is approximately 25,000 square feet and has 28 firing lanes. The project will replace the existing steel structure and baffle system with a pre-engineered metal structure which will support a new hardened steel baffle safety enclosure that will provide ballistic containment in a “no-blue-sky” environment. It will also install a clamshell style bullet trap system, range lighting and other systems, and a new range control booth.

Project Details


Department of the Air Force
Air Force Reserve Command


Dobbins ARB Georgia, U.S.A.



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