Project Description

NAVLAB Expansion, Building 1558

Description of awarded work:  Building 1558 is a 107,000-square foot building originally constructed in two phases during the 1980s. The area affected by this project was constructed in 1988, and is located in the southwest corner of the facility. Approximately 9,500 SF of existing Warehouse space will be converted to Lab space to serve a new NAVLAB requirement. This square footage will be surrounded with full-height perimeter walls that will serve as both a fire barrier and thermal barrier from the un-conditioned remaining warehouse space. The new NAVLAB will be divided into the following six functions: Component Staging, Integration Lab, Certification Lab, Secure Room and VTC, Software Development, and auxiliary support spaces including men’s and women’s toilet rooms to support the personnel working in the NAVLAB (because the building has a deficiency of plumbing fixtures) as well as a small Break Room (replacing the existing Break Room due to the need to remediate the existing Secure Room).

Project Details


U.S. Navy


JEB Little Creek-Fort Story (Little Creek Site), Virginia Beach, VA



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